As the world is slowly getting back to a bit of normality – finally – here at DPM I can say I’ve been doing things a bit slower.

I’ll explain why today.

You may have noticed in your travels that you’ve seen people training in parks – and there’s been a huge increase in that since all the gyms shut and trainers have taken their clients outside.

You also may have noticed that even when we were in the thick of the infections spreading that people were still working out with equipment  – including boxing gear.

On the flip side of that, you would have obviously noticed that even after we started back doing face to face group training that we were only doing bodyweight exercises at DPM.

Or people were bringing their own rollers.

Not because I couldn’t be arsed.

But for hygiene reasons obviously.

And also for the perception as much as anything.

As you are no doubt aware, depending on where you sit on the scale, you were, and are now, either on the side of religiously cleaning your hands and everything you come in contact with.

Or you are on the bit more relaxed side of the fence.

I’m not here to judge on either.

But what I wanted to do initially was have the perception come across that I was taking things seriously and removing any potential risk to your safety.

Not exactly a good business move to be a super spreader – just ask the cruise ship industry.

How many people are going to rush back to them in a hurry when we can travel again?

But for me, it was a dud look to still have a bunch of people touching the same equipment during a workout, 

especially getting people doing boxing – either against each other or me – which is an obvious social distancing breach.

So yes, call me a bit of a stickler for the rules, but with a few more years behind me, I’m going to be a bit smarter and not risk your health.

Anyways, with our risk of infections being a lot less than it was a few weeks ago, I’m starting to reintroduce equipment back to our workouts.

And taking the proper precautions with doing that.

I’ve organised for some cleaner that has been proven to actually kill coronavirus.

We’ll be using that on the tubes, mini bands and foam rollers.

It’s the same sort of stuff the gyms will be using when they reopen next week.

And obviously the boxing will have to wait until we no longer have to socially distance from each other like our kiwi mates.

But I’m excited to start bringing this back in.

You’ll have the same piece of equipment for the whole workout, we can sanitise it after you use it and I’ll also have hand sanitiser on board for you as well.

Just wanted to keep you in the loop and reassure you that I’m ticking all the boxes in doing things above board to make sure of your continued safety.

Finally, if you know of any friends who are training in places where they don’t feel comfortable with their hygiene practices, I appreciate you spreading the DPM word to them.

Remember you still get your next month on the house as a thank you when they join -or if you’re not currently working with me now, I’ll shout you a $100 VISA gift card as a thank you.

Then after your friend has been with DPM for 6 months I’ll shout you both a $200 free dinner gift voucher to any restaurant of your choice.

Which is obviously a winner for both you and the restaurant that will get a much needed boost to their back pocket after their rough couple of months.

Appreciate you spreading the word.


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