Here’s one for you.

There’s an interesting F word going around that’s been getting a bit of a run lately.

No, it’s not like the F word that my then 3 year old may or may not have blurted out to me in a fit of anger one day last year which knocked me off my chair…

I was more shocked than anything.

Tried to hold my laughter and explained that’s an adult word that Daddy shouldn’t have used after she yelled at me “F### sake!” when I wouldn’t let her have something she wanted.

However, I guess you can argue that this one is just as bad.

Especially when it comes to little kids.


They’re scared to be wrong.

So are we to be honest.

But we’ve all failed from time to time at something.

Sometimes many things.

Sometimes it gets the better of you and you swear that you’ll never try that thing again.

Sometimes it motivates you to finally get on top of it.

Kinda off topic, but it’s like when you’re 18 and you get really drunk on something and end up a vomiting mess. 

Everyone has their one thing cause of this.

Vodka. Bourbon. Not to forget tequila, are usually the main offenders.

Some people swear off that stuff forever more.

My mindset back then, rightly or wrongly, was I’m going to beat this thing next time and not let it win.

Typical 18 year old that thinks he knew everything…

But it worked.

Anyways, I heard an interesting phrase from Kerri-Anne Kennerley about this failure thing.

I guess she’s been around long enough in the tv game to have had her fair share in her day.

But her take was worth paying attention to:

She thinks we should be calling it experience rather than failure.

Pretty cool way to look at it right?

Cause after all, surely you can take a lesson from what went wrong.

And what you can improve.

Maybe that’s how you’ve felt before when you’d previously signed up to a transformation contest?

Whether it was mine or someone elses.

Maybe you were in the wrong headspace at that time.

Maybe you didn’t get all your workouts done.

Maybe you had a few rough days and your food choices blew out. Again and again. 

You may even have just said stuff it.

Ive done it before with different things over the years.

It is what it is.

We can’t change those experiences.

But the beauty of those failures, or experiences, is that we can learn from them.

What went well?

What needed to be changed to make this time work?

And if you’re thinking about joining me in this extended 8 week transformation contest to finish the year

(yes there will be a prize or two based on the best stories and transformations – we might even run a poll where we get YOU to vote who you think should win – just an idea).

The best thing about this one being 8 weeks instead of our usual 4?

Is if you have a bad week, it doesn’t ruin your 4 weeks.

You’ve still got 7 more to get on top.

Kinda makes sense now to do this longer one yeah?

Let me know if you want in.


PS – had a cool suggestion for this the other day. The suggestion was for a What’s App group instead of the private facebook group.

Now to be honest, I have never used that type of thing before but I like the idea of it. The group chat thing. 

But we’ll keep the facebook group for the primary content.

Just adding this for those of you who don’t want to be on facebook half the day looking at stuff.

Remember, let me know by tomorrow if you want in.

I’ll make a call then and let you know Monday if we’re rolling – to start the following Monday – Oct 22.