Are you familiar with the Mount Rushmore concept?

You know where you pick the best four of a topic.

Like I’d say my Mount Rushmore of tv shows would be Entourage, Ray Donovan, The Sopranos and Seinfeld.

Covers a bit of everything and all ones you can rewatch over and over again and not get sick of them.

So with that in mind, what would you say would make your list?

Of exercises I mean.

My only criteria here is the exercises have to work more than one body part at once – the more the better.

So here’s my Mount Rushmore list of the best bodyweight exercises that I like doing these days:

(note, this list may be totally different in another couple of years – or even in 6 months, but like i said yesterday, I’m all about growth and being open to learning a better way of doing things)

1. Standing Rows: these are a great alternative to chin ups. Sure chin ups are awesome, but a lot of people can’t do them. 

So with these your feet stay on the ground and you do the normal chin up motion – so you need to be doing them on a bar where you can reach with your feet on the ground.

This combines the best of both worlds – gives you the full range of motion so your lats (the big back muscles on each side) get a great workout and you can change your grip to palms facing you, facing away or facing each other which gives your biceps a great workout too. 

Your abs get more of a workout here too than you’d expect. All in all, this is a very under-rated exercise that is harder than it looks.

You can make them easier by putting your feet in front of you as you lower your body down like a squat, or make it harder by having your legs drop down behind you.

2. Blast Offs: Once again a great full body exercise that works pretty much every muscle in your body. 

3. T Push Ups:: Steps up the intensity from a normal push up by adding a side plank movement after each push up rep so your abs and obliques really get a great hit out.

4. 1 Arm Hover Extensions: Like a lot of exercises, this looks easier than it is.

Assume your normal hover position but this time only one forearm stays on the ground (or a roller to make it even harder) and the other arm is extended in and out in front of you.

This really works all through your midsection, plus your shoulder and arm muscles in the side that stays on the ground.

And if you do them for a timed set like 45 secs or a minute you’ll also get some cardio benefit after enough of them.

What do you reckon?

And not a burpee in sight…

So what would you list as your top 4 Mount Rushmore?


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