Have you ever heard of a microworkout?

It’s actually a pretty cool way to approach training – especially if you’re under the pump and find it hard to even fit in your normal short workout at times.

Best still, you can easily incorporate this as part of your home workout program.

The easiest way to describe a microworkout is doing 1 set of something whenever you can.

Say for example if you’re under the pump at work but stand up from your desk and do a set of 20 squats.

That’s a microworkout.

Maybe you’re walking past a park and find a chin up bar and do a max set of chin ups or standing rows.

Yep you got it – another workout.

Or you might walk past some steps and do a round of step ups on each leg.
Same goes for dropping a couple of times a day and knocking out say a bunch of push ups.

You get the point yeah?

And if you do this multiple times a day, with either the same exercise for a day or doing a bunch of different exercises over the course of a day -maybe every other hour when you’re at work and then at home.

Better still every hour on the hour if you set an alarm, you’re getting a pretty effective workout overall.

Cause it all adds up.

So the challenge to you if you need some extra activity in your life is to try and incorporate this into your daily routine.

Even if it’s a couple of days a week to start with.

It’s all better than nothing.

And if you can combine it with some regular workouts, even once a week, you’ll be on top of things.

Let me know if you give it a go.


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