I was listening to a podcast on Friday and heard something that I thought was worth sharing.

The bloke being interviewed mentioned how important our mental diet is.
And I like the way he looked at things.

Basically, he mentioned the old saying “you are what you eat” and how the exact same things applies for us with our mental health.

You are what you consume.

So, if you’re constantly hanging around people bringing everyone including you down, your self worth is going to be pretty ordinary.

Same your outlook on the world.

If everyone is saying the world is falling around you, chances are you’re looking at the glass half empty approach to life.

So basically, we become what we feed ourselves with.

Does this make sense?

I really like the analogy.

And I don’t think it comes across as too mushy, more so an important reminder to look after our mental wellbeing.

It means avoiding burn out – physically and mentally – cause then you’re more inclined to look at things from the negative light.

I know I have.

There’s been times over the years when I haven’t taken a break throughout the year, and the grind of getting up early every day for the best part of 14 years catches up with you.

You end up phoning some days in.
Something I’m not proud of, but I admit that I’ve done it.

And you know what? If I could go back and analyse what my physical activity levels were like at that time, I’d lay money that I wasn’t doing as much as I should have been doing then.

That doesn’t mean that you need to flog yourself exercise wise.

You just need to do something.

Have your outlet – that preferably doesn’t involve an oversized glass or three of shiraz.

Sure, enjoy the drinks. But be mindful of when you choose to drink.

And that was probably another correlation I could draw too – the times that

I did feel like I was over it all and burning out, I was probably drinking more than I’d normally like to during the week.

At the end of all that, my take home point is to make sure you’re mental diet gets as much focus as what actually goes into your mouth, and the best way

I know how to get on top of that is with exercise.

By combining regular resistance workouts with some outdoors walking. That works for me.

And for most of us I’d argue. Your walking thing may be yoga or something like that, but there needs to be some type of activity combination.

Have a good week.