You know how things work when you see someone constantly that you don’t really notice all the changes they are slowly making.

Take your kids for example. 

You see them every day and then all of a sudden they’re not little toddlers anymore.

They lean out as they lose the baby fat and grow taller.

Same goes for someone who puts in a sustained effort to lose some weight.

Now I’ll go down a different path for a minute here, cause these days weight loss is a bit of a sensitive topic.

Considering all the fat shaming and body positive stuff on social media.

But the cold hard fact remains that despite everything that we have learned in the last 20 years when it comes to effectively losing weight, there are still a large percentage of the population who don’t care.

That’s not fat shaming. 

It’s just reality.

In the long term that will cut short your life for the majority of people.

So whenever someone puts in a sustained effort to change their habits and their life, I’m all for celebrating that.

Take last week for example.

I realised after going back over some stats over the last 2 years of a DPMer that she’d lost just over 20kg.

I’m not going to publicly name her here, she knows who she is if she’s reading this.

It was obvious to me that she’d make some significant changes, but no way did I think it was that much.

Back to my point of seeing someone regularly and not noticing the subtle changes week by week that end up in 20kg in 2 years.

It was pretty awesome to see to be honest.

And the fact that it shows the reward pays off if you are willing to put in the effort.

You won’t notice it straight away.

But you will notice subtle changes and then fast forward to 2 years down the track those subtle changes all add up to a massive change.

So if you are reading this and thinking that you should make a change, remember this point:

It is worth the effort, if you put in the effort.

And if you need help with getting started, you know where to find me.



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