This is aimed at those who are one week down in the DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge, but feel free to cop the tip even if you aren’t involved.

I wanted to share it with you in case it’s something you might need to hear anyways.

Especially if last week didn’t end up being the week you had planned it out to be.

You obviously can’t go back and change that, so all you can focus on now is what you do next.

Read it again if you must.

But we’re looking at the long game here.

In the instance of those in the challenge, it’s a 6 week long game – which in reality isn’t really that long a time frame at all.

So if you stuffed up last week or it wasn’t what you wanted – it is what it is.

You have this week to learn from the lesson and have another crack.

Do the work this week, work out where things went wrong and implement what change needs to be done as a result of those lessons you found out about how you handled, or didn’t handle, things last week.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Move on and deal with things. 

Focus on what’s next.

Make sense?

Hopefully this has helped you with a bit of a motivation kick to start the week.

Have a great week.


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