Excuse the reference to an old Cold Chisel song, but today the last plane out of Sydney is almost gone so to speak.

Sure, there’s not many planes flying out right now, but this plane is almost gone.

I’m talking about today being your last chance to join our new DPM 6 Week Challenge – this time the summer edition.

Join the DPM Summer 6 Week Challenge Here For Only $99

We actually start today, but I’ll leave it open for any last minute starters.

The DPMers on board already have their personal game plans and todays first small challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do.

There’s also access to a 20 minute bodyweight workout to keep them ticking over if they need some extra action.

So if there’s something you want to work on and have someone (ie me) to help guide you on the quickest path to get there, then get in before you miss the boat.

Any questions let me know.

Join the DPM Summer 6 Week Challenge Here For Only $99


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