Have you been watching The Last Dance on Netflix?

I purposely waited until just before it was about to finish so I could watch it on my terms.

And it hooked me in right away, starting last Saturday night and finishing it Wednesday.

Loved it.

Most of the stories weren’t new to me, as I’ve read a bunch of books and watched plenty of DVDs over the years on Jordan, but it was so well done.

Obviously, if you’ve been watching, you’ll realise he was pretty driven and ruthless.

And you could even argue that this approach probably wouldn’t be accepted today with all the bullying he did and so forth.

Not to even mention social media.

He would’ve been crucified on that.

But you know what? He probably wouldn’t even care.

Now I’m not saying the man is as Larry Bird said “God dressed up as Michael Jordan” after one of his big games, 

but what I am saying is that we can take at least something out of his work ethic.

And that’s not listening to what anyone else say.

Well, to be honest, Michael did listen when someone said something, but he used it to drive him.

As motivation to absolutely destroy them.

That was just how ruthless he was.

But I’m not telling you anything you don’t know here.

The point I’m trying to make is that he didn’t take the criticism onboard.

He didn’t believe them.

He knew the truth.

So if you can take anything out of this, don’t always believe what people say about you or if they tell you that you can’t do something.

Especially when it comes to you and your exercise.

Your past doesn’t define your future is an old quote that works here too.

Even if you’ve quit and failed at trying to build a routine time and time again, once again, your past doesn’t define your future.

Read it again if you must.

All I’ll say to finish, is even if you are not a basketball fan, I’d really encourage you to watch this series.

Yes he’s not perfect.

Yes he is a bit of a prick.

But it gets you in.

It’s really well done.

And I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t get you in.

At worst, it’s an interesting look into what made someone who they are.


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