Can you believe that Jennifer Aniston is 51?

Yes, she still looks like a million dollars, and you could even argue with a straight face, better than in her Friends days.

And sure, when you earn more money than God you can afford to have the best of everything, personal chef on call, trainer on call, no kids probably helps with the lack of stress there.

All valid points.

But she still has to work for how she looks.

You can get away with not doing much in your 20’s.

But as we get older, even Hollywood movie stars can’t escape age and the effects it has on their body.

Sure all of those above things I mentioned earlier help, but you still have to put in the work.

So what’s her secret?

Her workouts include yoga, boxing, cardio and meditation.

Her eating plan? Intermittent fasting.

But the best thing?

She advocates what I’ve been saying for years – you have to listen to your body. “Your body will tell you what it wants”.

And that point is so true.

Listen to it or pay the price down the track when you inevitably end up injured or sick.

All of those points just gives you another reason to like her I think.


PS – if you’re wondering where I found this? The full article is here


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