Saw an article last week about the types of workouts that Halle Berry does to keep on top of things.

And I figured it was worth sharing with you today.

There’s a bunch of stuff she does fitness wise, which I guess is pretty easy when you’ve made more money than God and don’t have to get up and go to work every day like us regular punters

But her strength workout stuff is what I wanted to share:

– Squats
– Deadlifts
– Lunges
– Push Ups
– Pull Ups
– Chest Preses

She apparently also likes skipping and shadow boxing for a bit of cardio action.

You’ll realise that these types of movements are exactly the sort of stuff that we do at DPM.

Not because it’s good enough for a movie star, but cause they obviously work.

Now, I’m sure that the above isn’t the only type of strength stuff she does but there is one thing I’d change.

You’ll notice that it features two chest dominant exercises and only one back dominant.

I’d prefer to have that reversed.

Or add in another couple of back exercises.


Cause most people overtrain those muscles and neglect their back.

But I guess it’s more important for you and me when we no doubt spend more time in front of a computer working than what a movie star would I’d imagine.

So I can forgive that.

Obviously this isn’t earth shattering news that I’ve shared today, 

but I thought it interesting that the workouts that we’re focusing on are the same type of things that are good enough for movie stars too.


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