The word superfood is a bit overused in the media these days.

It seems like everything at one stage or another has their moment in the sun as the latest superfood.

But there’s one that gets overlooked that you should be looking at – ginger.

There’s plenty of benefits from this little wonder, going way back to ancient Chinese medicine, but today I want to share just a couple with you -that might be timely. 

Especially as things are getting colder now, and obviously with what’s going on in the world right now.

# it may help ease symptoms from the common cold and congestion

# may help the body fight infections

# can keep your mouth healthy because of it’s strong antibacterial properties

# may help reduce muscle and arthritis pain as it’s been proven to have anti-inflammatory benefits

# it may help prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease

And that’s just five examples right there.

Obviously there’s clinical evidence to suggest it does all of the above, but like anything, you can’t make a blanket promise that it will do any of the above.

But it surely can’t hurt.

So maybe next time you’re doing your fruit and veggie shop, throw some of this stuff in your bag.


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