There’s one thing I never would have thought that I’d get into as I get older, 
and that’s getting outside in the garden and actually enjoying it.

Even something as menial as watering plants or even pulling weeds.

Who would’ve thought?

I thought it would be a punish.

But I guess there’s one main reason why I don’t mind it.

It is actually some me time.

As any parent will tell you, you don’t get much of that when your kids are young.

I can just get outside, put on a podcast and be alone in my own world for a small stretch of time.

And it is satisfying when you can see the hard work pay off and the garden start to resemble something looking pretty cool.

The whole process reminds me of training.

It is a long process.

Sometimes hard work and sometimes you don’t feel like you’re putting a dent in all the weeds and what have you that need to be pulled out.

But over time you can make some progress.

And just like fitness, you can’t just stop.

It’s a continued process that needs to always be done.

One that requires a bit of patience and a bit of elbow grease.

So I guess the message for today is to keep putting in the work.

Even if it’s feeling hard right now getting into a regular routine.

It does get easier.

And you will enjoy the rewards of the process.



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