Anyone that has ever accomplished anything successful has done so off the back of a good game plan.

No matter what field you’re talking about – career, sport, and even fitness wise.

Today let’s take a look at that angle.

What do you need to make this whole fitness lifestyle a success?

All the fancy training gear doesn’t really matter.

You don’t need the Lululemon fancy sweat evaporating gear (if that is even a thing).

And you definitely don’t need heaps of fancy training equipment.

You can get by with some gear from Kmart and nothing but your own bodyweight if it comes down to it.

So let’s make a list of what you need to get some results:

– A program to follow that takes into account your current ability (not where you were at 10 years ago) and any injuries that you need to work around. 

– Time made in your diary to do that said program

– A bit of an idea around foods – what works for you. What you need to cut back on etc.

– Sleep. Are you getting enough? Do you need to switch the phone off earlier? Do you need to practice some mindfulness or some other habit to switch your brain off earlier to allow you to sleep?

– Someone to be accountable to

– A recovery method to help your body get over the training – is that massages? Some foam rolling? Stretching? Cryotherapy? What works for you?

Note, these are in no particular order.

You can even argue they’re all as important as the other.

Or depending on your situation, you might have to prioritise one of these more than another.

So there you have it.

A basic game plan checklist to tick things off.

Have you covered your bases?

Do you need to work on something?

Did I leave anything off?


PS – and if you find that you need some help with anyone of those things, especially on the accountability side of things, hit reply and let me know. Same deal if you know someone who might benefit.


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