Gotta admit there can be a lot of misconceptions about what sort of healthy eating plan we follow here at Team DPM.

And to be honest, it isn’t really surprising.

Especially with the confusion in general that pretty much everyone has about food.

Look one way and they’ll say “never eat this” and the opposite direction says it’s a must.

I get it.

And it’s also my fault too.

Because I could always explain things a little better and easier too.

So I get it.

But a massive misconception these days in general,

and also with the DPM plan,

Is that carbs are bad.

And we gotta cut them out if you’re ever gonna lose that extra bit of stubborn tummy flab that just can’t seem to shift.

So let’s set it straight.

No you don’t have to go carb free.

No way at all.

You don’t even have to save them for just your cheats only.

To me, and to most people, that’s just too hard.

It’s definitely not sustainable long term.

I’ve tried it before as I’m sure you have.

Cause we all know what happens when we take that approach.

You’ll start off all guns blazing, top of the world,

feeling like you’re going awesome and this time is the time it actually works.

Then comes the tough day from hell.

The kids are being a punish, work sucked and that muppet next to you was doing your head in all day with her constant whining.

So you go home, destroy a bottle of red and a block of chocolate to feel better.


Until the next day when the guilt kicks in.

Why did you do it?

What a waste!

I’ve got to start all over again.

Luckily though I worked out a smarter way a few years back.

And it’s something we still do at DPM today.

Why? Cause it’s sustainable and more importantly, it works.

It’s called carb cycling.

Basically the 3 day detox game plan that you get takes it out of your meal plans for 3 days.

Then day 4 carb hit.

Pasta, rice, whatever you want.


Carb craving problem solved.

And you can add them in the other days as well depending on how many dress sizes you want to drop.

Of course you get your cheat meals on top of that.

It’s not as strict as it used to be originally when I first experimented with the concept.

I found this approach is a lot more sustainable, which means better long term results.

Interested in how it might work for you?

But can’t exactly make our sessions in person?

There’s the DPM Online Training Option that just might work instead.

I’ll give you that simple food plan to follow.

Plus the customised workout plan to help you get rid of those stubborn kgs and the video demos to walk you through it.

Better still, I’ll also send out the hard copy versions of the DPM Detox and Cookbook too (and a sweet little DPM tshirt too)

Want to find out more?

Check it out here:


Then let me know if you want to have a quick 10 min coaching call to see if you’d be the right fit.



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