There’s an interesting idea that I read about yesterday and it may be something that might be beneficial for you, especially if you’re working from home – still.

It’s was about introducing a fake commute to your daily routine.

For a couple of reasons.

The main one being that it means a distinct start and end of the working day and the rest of your life at home.

The other benefit is obviously around activity.

Cause if you were the type of person who used to walk to the bus stop and then on the other end, to the office, and back again in reverse now your amount of incidental exercise could well have plummeted.

Especially if you’re not making an effort to get out in the middle of the day and move around.

So hence the idea of the fake commute.

It gets people moving more and helps give you some switch off time between work and home.

Granted, it’s not always possible but if you can get it done more times than not, it can only help your physical health and your mental health.

Something as simple as getting out in the morning to buy your coffee counts.

And in the afternoon, maybe just a walk around the block if you’re under the pump.

Take the kids with you if need be to get them out and about too.

This time of year is a great time to be outside, especially with the days getting longer.

Something for you to think about in your quest to get moving and keep active.


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