You may well have heard of the different names that places like Crossfit give their workouts.

Usually a way to build a point of difference. The popular ones from memory are Murph (named after a fallen solider), Fran and so on.

Well today I have another home workout of the day for you.

This one by my 6.5 year old – Emily.

So it’ll be called Emily.

The other night when I was putting her to bed we were talking about exercises.

She often asks what I did with my clients that day and I normally rattle off a few.

She then said her favourite ones that she likes:

Star jumps 

Push ups 


So I said, let’s put them in a workout.

“How many of each do you think we should do?” I asked.

For Star Jumps she said 50.

Push Ups she went a bit hard and said 50 too.

I mentioned that might be a bit hard for some people to do all at once. So she suggested 20.

And Squats were 30.

So there’s your workout if you’re up for a challenge.

50 Star Jumps

20 Push Ups

30 Squats

Not a bad effort from a 6.5 year old I thought.

I told her it would work pretty much every muscle in your body.

We didn’t say how many times people should do it, but go for your life with picking a number of rounds.

I’d suggest 3 if you’re after a quick workout and 5 if you want a real challenge.

I might be out of a job soon…


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