As you’re no doubt aware, there’s a big push these days towards a body positive movement.

I don’t think it’s totally a bad thing.

Cause I in no way want to condone anyone who blatantly goes around fat shaming people obviously.

But I also think it dances around the big elephant in the room. 

That calling a spade a spade, we have an obesity epidemic these days. A

And unless we do something about it, it’s going to get worse.

I discuss this in further detail in Episode 14 of the Top Of The Hill Podcast.

Have you checked it out yet?

Did you know I even had a podcast?

It’s not an award winning one, and I’ve got to apologise for the audio quality that’s a bit poorer than usual but the message still rings true and I’d be interested in your thoughts.

It’s actually something I’ve wrestled back and forth in my head with about the direction of DPM and things like body transformations and before and afters and all that type of thing.

I see both sides of the story.

But I go into detail why I decided to still run with the current approach.

Cause it’s something I feel strongly in and goes a bit deeper than just the lose weight feel better thing.

And it lies at the cause of why I initially started DPM nearly 14 years ago.

You can find it on iTunes here.

Or you’re not on the iPhone, you can find it on Spotify here

Anyways, once you’ve had a listen and heard my thoughts in further depth, let me know what you think and give me your two cents.