As the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.

And it seems according to a New York Times article I read last week, the early bird gets the results too.

What I mean by that is a reference to a study in last months International Journal of Obesity where they looked at the timing of exercise, and how, if at all, it effected weight loss.

They found that early exercisers lost significantly more weight than those who exercised later in the day.

This was despite minimal differences in energy balances – so basically minimal difference in what people ate.

Great news if you’re looking to shift a few stubborn kilos!

Now, I’ll qualify this by saying that of course any exercise is better than no exercise – no matter what time you do it.

But when you find some further information to help you get out of bed early in the morning, especially when it’s dark, I have to share it with you!

So don’t be temped to hit snooze this week.

Get out of bed, get along to our early morning group training sessions and maximise your fat burning potential.

Besides, the best thing about the early morning groups, apart from the occasional banter (often at my expense) is that it’s done.

You’re home before 7am if you join our Lilyfield group, or if it’s the Observatory Hill one, you’re done and ready to hit the showers before 8am.

You don’t have to worry about something else – like work or an issue with the kids getting in the way of your workout if it was planned for later in the day.

You get the stress release to start the day with a clear head.

You get the exercise endorphin boost to put you in a good mood.

Why wouldn’t you want to join in for all of that?

See you there.


PS – if you want to read the NY Times article for yourself, which in turn links to the study, you can find it here