It’s already been a year hasn’t it? And we’re not even at the end of September yet.

Funny how when you look back to last year on New Years Eve and everyone was sure as sh!t glad 2020 was over.

Who would have ever thought that this year would’ve gone down even further south? 

Not me. I thought we were sweet.

Anyways, with our overlords letting us out of jail soon, I wanted to give you something to look forward to.

So I’ve got in early for a change and locked in the 2021 version of “Dan’s Cans” – the DPM Christmas Drinks event that we all need.

It’s time to save the date, arrange the kids to be looked after or do whatever you have to do cause this

year we need a drink or three and a feed to go with it that’s for sure.

DATE: Sunday December 12.

TIME: 12-2pm

VENUE: Cargo bar at King St Wharf as per usual.

You can only book a 2 hour window but the reason I like this venue year in, year out, apart from a good location, is cause it doesn’t seem to be the place the cool kids go anymore.

So if last year is to go by, the chances are we might be able to stay a little longer anyways if it’s quiet.

But we’ll get 2 hours at least.

Now of course there’s a couple of little fine print items.

You WILL need to RSVP cause I’ll need to know exact numbers.

And I expect that you’ll get carded at the door to prove you’ve had a couple of shots.

Nothing I can do about that, but if it’s the cost of doing business then so be it.

The invitation is open to any current DPMers so if you need a drink then it’s on me.

I’ve given you plenty of notice, so hopefully we can get a good turnout.


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