Now that things are starting to ease with our restrictions (finally!) and we can slowly get back to doing things as we use to before, there are going to be a few things that take a little longer.

I was reading an article on Friday about the deeper curve being the biggest problem that we’re going to be dealing with.

And that of course is something that I’ve mentioned here before – everyone’s mental health.

One of the biggest issues seems to be there doesn’t always seem to be a designation between when the work day ends and when the home time starts.

Kinda gets blurry when you are working from home and can easily still have access to your phone or computer ‘after hours’.

So a suggestion I read was to have a ritual that you do after you finish work.

It may be a walk outside.

A shower.

Something that you make your routine.

Just like walking out of the office would signify your day traditionally ending.

One other thing I’ll add is a workout.

Add one of those in – even a short microworkout that takes a few minutes but gives you some action.

If you want to learn a few little nuggets that might help you deal with this deeper curve, please listen to my interview I mentioned a few weeks ago with Dan Ireland from Awareful on the Small Business Dads podcast.

There were so many insights I got from Dan on this.

One of the best being his thoughts on thinking and negative thoughts:

I was led to believe that you have to get rid of thoughts… There’s only one time in your life when you’re going to stop thinking and please don’t let that happen today.

What’s the point in getting angry at yourself for having an overthinking mind.

It’s like trying to outthink thinking with thinking.

See if you can let the thoughts come and go. Let the thoughts be thoughts.

These point is so simple that it takes out all the confusion – you don’t have to get rid of your thoughts. Just accept them for what they are.

Either way, hopefully you can have something as your little ritual.

Something that will help you get through your day.

And if you need help with the exercise front, let me know. I’d love to help you out – or someone you know who needs it.


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