The simple thing to remember is this:


And if you’re anything like me you’ll be scratching your head wondering how on earth these detoxes are even a thing.

I can’t believe that there’s people on this earth actually doing these things.

So I won’t beat around the bush any more, I found this article yesterday that listed some of the worst detoxes out there.

Brace yourself.

* Banana detox – eating nothing but bananas! Wow! I love bananas don’t get me wrong. But eating just them and nothing else. Seriously?

* Salt water detox – supposedly to flush out your colon. Ok then.

* Juice detox – probably the most common one that you’ve no doubt heard of. But remember this – whenever you juice something you lose the fibre so really is it the best thing for every meal? Of course not.

* Laxative detox – just why?


Time to breathe.

The good news is, the DPM detox is nothing like this rubbish I’ve just showed you.

We focus on eating real food and taking out the processed carbs you have for 3 days.

Not some totally carb free thing.

We just plan em into our week.

Same goes for our cheat meals.

Love a wine or three?

Go for it?

Maybe pizza is your thing?

Or cakes and sweets?

Whatever it is, you’re sweet and it’s allowed.

Kinda common sense really.

But it definitely helps to have a plan that’s laid out for you and takes all the confusion out of what you need to focus on.

Want to find out more?

I’ve got a couple of spots available in both my Lilyfield and Observatory Hill morning small group sessions that you might be interested in.

And you’ll get the hook up of course when you join us.

Just let me know if you need any help and we can get a chat organised.




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