Sounds like the superhero we need right now right?

How would you picture the Corona Fighter to look?

Has to be a cape.

And definitely a face mask.

You’d have protective gloves too.

And maybe even an eye protection.

Like some form of googles.

What do you think?

Come to think about it you could probably just use a doctor or a nurse.

But they’re too busy doing what they have to do so maybe we do need the mysterious “Corona Fighter”.

Well here’s some interesting research from the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) to prove that maybe we don’t have to wait for some masked hero to come and save us.

We can do our bit too.

The findings from the research which is obviously very recent (it was released on March 30), show that we can use exercise as our best chance of immunity.

And even if we did somehow cop a dose, the fitter and healthier we are, the better chance we have to knock it off quick without the dangerous side effects that have been claiming the elderly and immune compromised.

To quote:

“Each bout of exercise, particularly whole-body dynamic cardiorespiratory exercise, instantaneously mobilises literally billions of immune cells, especially those cell types that are capable of carrying out effector functions such as the recognition and killing of virus-infected cells… 

The immune cells that are mobilsed with exercise are primed and ‘looking for a fight.’ Their frequent recirculation between the blood and tissues functions to increase host immune surveillance, which, in theory, makes us more resistant to infection and better equipped to deal with any infectious agent that has gained a foothold. Exercise also releases various proteins that can help maintain immunity”.

That sounds pretty interesting to me.

And very encouraging.

So keep doing what you’re doing.

Keep on working out.

Hopefully you can join me in the zoom workouts that are going well and making the best of the situation.

I miss the face to face contact in person but this does the job for now.

And keep on getting out and doing your socially distanced walking.

Get some sunlight.

Get some movement.

And we’ll all be in a better place to fight the good fight against this punish of a Coronavirus.

Keep moving.


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