Hopefully what I shared yesterday about the new 6 week challenge got your interest.

And today I wanted to give you a bit more of inside info on it like I mentioned.

So here’s the deal:

– 2 new bodyweight based home workout program to follow (1 for the first three weeks and another for the last three to change things up and keep you motivated an on track)

– You can track these workouts easily via the Trainerize app which i’ll give you access to so you can easily follow your workouts and track how many you do

– Customised weekly challenges for you based on whatever you want to get out of the program

– Customised exercise targets based on your goals and time restrictions (this can combine our in person sessions and the workout above if needed)

– A points system based on challenges accomplished – and a tiered level of rewards based on you achieving those pre-determined goals.

That there is the big point of difference to things we might have done in years gone by.

This time we are focusing on you – and giving you specific challenges based on what you want.

And giving you a reward for those targets.

Those rewards are still to be determined but I think you’ll be happy with them.

Your investment is only $99 and we start Monday July 6, finishing Sunday August 16.

But if you invest today you can get in starting Monday with the early bird start.

Click here to join the DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge Now

And as per always, if you’ve got any questions with this let me know.


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