Is calorie counting accurate?

Is it dead?

What’s your take?

You’d know that the old way to lose weight, and one that is still popular today is to burn more calories than you consume and you lose weight.

That normally can hold up pretty strong.

Kinda common sense right?

For most people.

But there’s plenty of people who still struggle with weight loss despite doing everything absolutely spot on when it comes to eating and exercise.

You might even be one of those?

Some people can even put on weight?

A lot of the times it can be down to something like stress or not enough sleep in your life.

That can or can’t be an easy fix. Depending on your situation.

For example. getting more sleep isn’t really an option when you have a kid who is up constantly during the night.

I can’t just say to you go to bed earlier.

But there’s a couple of things that may be able to help if you find that the old calorie counting thing is broken.

As you may be aware, there’s a big push these days, and something that I’ve come to realise myself, that all health begins with your gut health.

And a lot of research is starting to find that the gut microbiome of those who cannot lose weight no matter what they do is totally different to those who can eat what they want and not put on weight.

One study was conducted on twins – one who was obese and one who was in a healthy range and their microbiome was totally different – so that’s about as similar makeup as you can get so you can imagine that it would be pretty accurate.

Now, the gut microbiome thing can possibly be helped with things like bone broth and fermented foods and changing what you eat.

But that takes time.

And the fecal transplant thing where you get a stool transplant from someone with a healthy gut microbiome hasn’t really taken off yet – and the thought of that isn’t too great either to be honest.

So what can you do if you’re sick of counting calories and still not getting results?

An idea that I came across was to try a satiety approach instead.

The deal with this is to eat foods that keep you fuller for longer and that should in theory leave you less likely to over indulge at your next meal.

So basically you’re looking for foods that have good level of fibre and healthy fat which will help this.

The other bonus for this type of approach is that it forces you to eat slower – something I definitely don’t do but should really focus on.

What’s your take on this?

Would you give it a go if you’re struggling to lose a few stubborn kilos?

If everything else has failed, this might be worth a shot.

Stop counting the calories and start focusing on foods that keep you fuller for longer.

Enjoy your weekend.


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