Feels kinda weird being a long weekend this time around.

Especially when the October long weekend is always associated with grand final day in the NRL. 

Obviously Covid changed everything this year so yesterday wasn’t my usual day in front of the tele watching footy and enjoying some drinks like normal.

Anyways, the good thing that hasn’t changed this year is that daylight savings still went through yesterday.

The good thing is the days are now longer in the evening meaning you have more time to make the most of the daylight hours.

Sure it’s now a little darker in the morning, but that only happens for the next couple of weeks then we get to make the most of the extra daylight at both ends of the day.

So the point of this message today is to remind you that now we have more time to get in your workouts.

Be that first thing or after your work day wraps up.

Definitely use it as a sign to change things up and step up your activity levels if you haven’t been as productive on that front as you would have liked over the last few months.

Lock it in your diary.

Get outside and clear your head with a walk after your work day finishes.

Take the kids if you must.

It’ll be good for everyone.

Enjoy the day off today too.


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