Finally got some clarification over the weekend about the official Fitness Australia stance on boxing – be that in our small group sessions, or for the one-on-one personal training sessions where I hold the pads for people.

Now technically, we can resume with boxing.

It apparently falls under the contact sport guidelines in NSW.

Meaning you can technically resume boxing and it won’t get you in trouble for breaching social distancing restrictions.

Kinda weird, but thems the rules.

I guess if people can belt each other in a game of footy again, while sweating all over each other, then someone hitting some focus pads standing a metre away from the other person isn’t too bad.

But here’s the thing that makes me hesitant.

With the recent increase in positive cases in the South West from that pub outbreak, I want to wait for a week or so and see what the outcome is numbers wise and whether it spreads or not elsewhere in this great city of ours.

So for now, we’ll continue to shadow box for another week at least.

Hopefully then we’re sweet.

Like I mentioned the other week, I’m a bit slow to transition with things. 

Initially with going back to tubes and mini bands and the like, but now with this.

All of this is to make sure you’re safe obviously.

We’ll still be using the disinfectant spray on the equipment we use now, and as always, I have the hand sanitiser available for you to make sure you’re covered there.

For now though, we’ll just go slow on the actual return of the boxing gear.


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