I’m probably the only person left who hasn’t seen The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, in concert.

And from what I constantly hear, I am definitely missing out.

The fact that he pumps out longer concerts than blokes half his 71 years and never seems to take the foot off the pedal attests to a couple of things for mine.

The first being that he’s in impressive condition fitness wise.

The second thing being that he obviously still loves what he does.

Think about it like this – most people his age are happily enjoying retirement and getting in the caravan and getting around seeing the sights or spending time in the garden.

Compared to a bloke who has more money than God and still enjoys pumping out the shows.

Which got me curious onto how he actually keeps in shape.

Sure, putting on a show for a few hours a night for the majority of the year is going to keep someone in shape.

And yes, he can’t currently do that with the world being shut, so I guess he’s spending most of his downtime doing what I found out when I checked into his regime.

It seems The Boss is a fan of weight training and running on a treadmill.

Cause a man as well known as he is can’t exactly go running the streets to get his cardio in I guess.

All of it goes to show, that age doesn’t really mean a thing.

The main thing is you have to keep active and enjoy what you’re doing.

Then you can still keep going -when everyone else around you is ageing fast and dealing with all types of health problems.


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