I drove past a gym yesterday and I noticed a sign out the front when I was stuck at a set of traffic lights.

“The Best Workout In The World”.

Now, I’m not going to dump on the franchise – they’re a new one here that is big in LA especially.

Whether they last, time will tell.

So that’s not my lane to go in.

But it brings an interesting question to todays email.

Is there a ‘best’ workout in the world?

What makes it the best?

Obviously it’s a very subjective opinion.

I could survey 100 punters in the street, and 100 trainers and you’d get dozens of different answers.

All probably have their place.

So what’s my opinion?

The best workout in the world is the one that you’ll actually do.

Doesn’t matter what it is.

The best one HAS to be the one you’ll do.

You could technically have a faultless workout on paper.

From design to frequency per week and all that jazz.

But if the person it’s given to doesn’t do it, the workout obviously doesn’t work.

Some of us have more time to commit than others.

So that has to be taken into account.

Some of us have injuries that need to be worked around.

I know personally I struggle to do stuff I used to love doing cause my elbows don’t like it.

So I have to adapt.

The best workout would be useless for you or me if it doesn’t take all of that and more into account.

So why yes, it may get people in the door initially if they’re curious about what that ‘best’ workout includes, it is effectively useless if it doesn’t keep them there.

The only hard thing, if you’d even call it that, is working out what’s right for you.

And if what I do works for you, as always, I appreciate you spreading the word.

Cause chances are it might be just right for someone you know.

Your partner.

The person you sit next to at work.


I appreciate you passing my details on and if they’re keen I’m happy to follow up and see if it’s worth taking things further.



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