So interesting thing, after my two emails last week I had an unsubscribe from these emails.

There may even be more by the time this scheduled email hits your inbox.

That’s a good thing.

That person would never have been a good fit for what we do at DPM.

We’re not on the same wave length.

They might be a cool person, I don’t know, I’ve never met them. But we just wouldn’t be a good fit.

So I’m going to give you, the ones who get what I’m on about, something that you may find beneficial.

Whether you’re after weight loss or not.

Cause of course not everyone at DPM is after the same thing.

But the way to get whatever thing they want is usually the same path.

That path is resistance training.

Whether that be bodyweight training or actually using things like bands or tubes or weights.

Yes, your body can provide enough resistance to give you a good workout.

Anyways, enough beating around the bush, but back to the best exercise for weight loss thing.

I saw an article last week that came up on my Apple News feed that mentioned how a bunch of experts said that the best exercise for weight loss was deadlifts.

And I can’t really argue.

I love deadlifts.

Or Waiters Bows as I call them if you just use your own bodyweight.

I do think these are more effective when you use a resistance tube like we do at DPM.

You can even use a mini band around your ankles (and even your thighs too) to make it more effective.

Then of course you can use actual weights.

Why are they so effective?

They hit multiple muscles at once.

That’s the key to an effective workout (and weight loss in general) and you’ll notice that most of the stuff we do during a DPM session hits more than one muscle at once.

Deadlifts for example hit your hamstrings in the back of your legs, your butt and your lower back (in a good way).

They can also work your abs too.

Another good thing is it actually has a good crossover in everyday life.

Like picking up your kids crap off the floor for one!

Or picking a box up. Remember how they always say lift with your legs and not your back when you pick something up – well guess what prepares you for that.

Yep. The deadlift.

So do yourself a favour and make sure they’re in your workout.

If you’re with DPM I’ve got that all covered for you.

But if you’re not currently training with me, make sure they’re part of your workout routine.




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