Remember that Benjamin Button movie from 10 years or so ago?

The one where the bloke was born old and got younger as he went on in life.

Well something I saw recently reminded me of this.

It was from a Finnish study released just last week and they found that the functional ability of older people is better now than when it is compared to that of people at the same age 30 years ago.

This is targeted at people a bit older than you and me, so basically our parents generation, but found that in both men and women 75-80 that their walking speed, muscle strength, reaction speed, working memory, reasoning and even verbal fluency is better than it was back in the day.

So this is a good thing for them obviously, but it also measures well for us as we age.

Especially if we keep doing what we’re doing now.

Hence the Benjamin Button comment.

Like I mentioned yesterday, it’s important to keep on top of things to prevent heart attacks from taking us before we even get to that age, but when we do get to that senior age, there’s no point being around if you’re not able to enjoy it.

Wouldn’t you agree?

A quote direct from the study:

“The results suggest that our understanding of older age is old-fashioned.

From an ageing researcher’s point of view, more years are added to midlife, and not so much to the utmost end of life. Increased life expectancy provides us with more non-disabled years, but at the same time, the last years of life comes at higher and higher ages, increasing the need for care”.

I don’t know about you, but I love reading all this stuff. It means that there’s obvious long term benefit to what we’re doing now so it’s important that we keep it up – even when it can be hard to do so.

And if you have fallen off the wagon lately, hopefully things like this help get you back in the saddle – whether it is with me back at DPM, or by doing things on your own.

So long as you’re doing something that’s the main thing.

And if you need the extra reassurance from following something that’s structured and laid out for you, where all you have to do is turn up and follow the plan, then you know where to find me.


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