I don’t know about you, but the bane of my existence can be dinner time at our house.

When you’ve got a tired 4 year old (I’m NOT tired Dad!)

combined with a plate full of food that she doesn’t want to eat.

World War 3.

Never mind the North Koreans. 

This would give it a run for your money sometimes.

Granted it’s not every night.

Some nights are really good.

Some nights are excellent.

But some nights, oh man, shoot me now…

What was once favourite gets the “I don’t like that treatment”.

I know you’ve been there.

Especially if your kids are older than mine.

And I know it’s a phase they’ll grow out of.

But I found something that might actually help come to terms with that frustration.

Apparently kids have a hard-wired genetic response to bitter foods like broccoli and other veggies that struggle to get a look in.

The reason?

Well there’s a couple.

One is their tastebuds don’t develop the taste for bitter foods until later in life.

I can get that.

However a Professor from Deakin University has an interesting take in an article I read.

He believes it’s a hard-wired response to save us from eating poisonous plants.

For example a kid puts a leaf in their mouth when they’re outside.

The response is “That tastes bad. I don’t want that”.

What do you think about that take?

It’s interesting and there’s probably some truth to it.

In the meantime though, I guess we just have to live with having everything drowned in tomato sauce or disguising it in slow cooked meals and spaghetti bolognese.

And on the bad nights I’ll be invoking the Frank Costanza “Serenity NOW!” line..

Again and again and again.


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