So who woulda thought I’d be a bit of a gymnast?

I mean with dodgy knees, and a neck and back that’s seen better days. 

But it seems that I can do a backflip. 

Yes, I’m prepared to admit that I may have  been a bit of a skeptic about the severity of the whole corona virus thing, thinking it was just a media beat up to get clicks. 

But obviously after the events of the last day or so, and looking at advice from the organisations that matter (ie not the media) it seems things are bigger than I thought. 

So with all of that in mind, I figure it’s time to put some things in action with DPM. 

As of now, things are still going ahead as normal. 

We’re obviously not a large gathering so no breaking offical recommendations there. 

But, I get if your personal situation tends you to trend otherwise. 

Be that for family reasons or work reason or whatever. 

So if any DPMers are self isolating or working from home or whatever, I’ve got your back. 

If you can’t make your regular session, hit me up and I’ll put together a personalised home workout program that you can follow to tide you over until things resume as per normal. 

For the non DPMers, I had a workout scheduled to send out tomorrow but that’s been bumped out to Wednesday with me jumping in and sending this one out today. 

As a parent my fear if it comes to it is having to self quarantine at home for 2 weeks with 2 kids. 
They’d kill each other or us in the process.

If it comes to that, I’m stocking up on wine and whisky first. 

if I was a single bloke,  you’d be living the dream though, 2 weeks home alone with Stan and my NBA DVD’s seeing as I can’t watch any real games now. 

So hopefully it doesn’t come to that. 

Hopefully that reassures you now I’m not just joking about it and taking things a bit more seriously. 

But if I can still take a light hearted moment, remember The Far Side cartoons from years ago? 

Gary Larson was ahead of his time with his “didn’t wash hands” one. That was always one of my favourites, but it has a new meaning now!

And of course, if you do find out that have been exposed, please stay away for the exclusion period, I’m happy to put something together for you like I said. Just let me know.



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