Just a heads up today for all DPMers if we need to enact a plan b should we all get locked down.

Not to be an alarmist, but I figure it’s better to be prepared and for nothing to escalate that far, then for something to happen and I’m left scratching my head working out what’s next.

So here’s the deal.

Should we get put into a lock down, we will enact a virtual workout thing via zoom.

I’ll send you a link that you can click on and as a result ‘dial in’ and join the workout.

I’ll either be doing it with you and you just have to follow along, or I’ll talk you through it.

Any DPMer will have access to join in for the workout on that day.

And seeing as we don’t need to travel to a session, or get home and then get ready to get to work, we can bump it back for a later start so you can get a sleep in and still get a workout in.

So all the group sessions will be from 7-8pm. Monday-Friday.

Saturday morning will be 8-9am as usual.

Of course you can do a partial workout if time only permits a shorter one.

For 1-on-1 personal training, I can still do the same but just you at our usual time.

Obviously it’s not ideal, but it might just become a necessity.

And I’ll obviously advice you of it coming in should things change.

The important thing though if this does have to happen is that you still exercise to keep your body moving, and give your body an outlet.

God knows you’ll need it if you have the kids at home on lockdown for an extended period.

Now for those who are self isolating already and working from home, I get that you’re currently missing your sessions.

Once again, that’s not ideal and not your fault.

So if this is you, all you have to do is let me know and I can send you through some pre-recorded 20 minute follow along home workout videos.

I’ve got 6 full workouts that I can give you.

For those not currently training with DPM, you can find a bunch of workout templates on my YouTube page here.

The one thing that will be changed for our in person sessions is that we’re going to reluctantly pause boxing for now.

This will let us still keep the social distancing guidelines recommended by people smarter than me.

And the equipment that we do use – rollers, tubes, bands etc are being sanitised with tea tree oil spray after each use.

Hopefully that reassures you that we’re keeping on top of things.

Maybe it’s over-reacting, but probably better that then be the reason for a breakout.

Any questions about either the plan b or what we’re currently doing or not doing in person please let me know.



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