I was listening to a podcast last week with a bloke who used to be Jeff Bezos’ right hand man at Amazon.

And he had something interesting to say.

Well, to be honest, it was nothing ground breaking, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again. And again.

Anyways, he said one of the reasons why they became so successful, considering they just started up running from the garage or wherever it was in Jeff Bezos’ old house, was because they always worked backwards with everything they wanted to achieve.

So like I said, nothing ground breaking right?

But if it’s good enough for a company that is worth billions then why not us and what we want?

It’s something that I’ve mentioned before, have an end goal that you want to work towards.

Then work back and split it up into something manageable.

Let’s say you want a month off the drink.

You first have to get the first midweek out of the way without being tempted.

Then the first wekeend.

Then repeat that the next week and so on.

As I’ve always said, the hardest thing is breaking the cycle.

Once you’ve done that, it all becomes easier.

Same goes if you want to attend 12 sessions in a month.

That means you need 3 the first week.

Then the same again.

You miss one for whatever reason over a certain week?

That’s 4 the next week.

That gives you the 12 over the 4 week period.

Get the point?

It all seems a lot more achievable when you break it down and work back.

So like I said, if it’s good enough for Amazon, surely it’s good enough for us.


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