You may remember years ago there was a scene in There’s Something About Mary (no not that scene you’re probably thinking about with the ‘hair gel’ or the zipper emergency).

The one where Ben Stiller picks up the hitchhiker.

You know the one about the 7 minute abs business concept?

It’s in the PS if you want a laugh.

Anyways, it’s a bit of a side track, but it comes back to the theory of shorter workouts.

And also how long do you need to exercise to counter the effects of sitting?

Both relevant topics and both, as I’ve mentioned before, doesn’t have to be for long.

They’re also kinda linked.

Let’s start with sitting.

It’s recommended that we break up sitting for long periods of time with what can be called an activity snack.

That should be obvious.

But how long sitting is too long?

It’s recommend that we should be getting up and move for every 30 minutes of sitting.

That to me sounds great in theory, but excessive in practice. I mean you can’t even get through an episode of whatever you’re streaming if you keep that theory.

So let’s double that.

Let’s aim for an hour.

Get up after every hour.

Walk around, stretch, grab some water. Whatever.

At worse, stand up stretch your arms above your head and then sit back down and work.

Does that seem doable?

I understand it’s hard when you’re under the pump, but if you can remember to do it a couple of times a day more than you’re doing now, it’s a good start don’t you think?

And obviously falls into what I constantly say that anything is better than nothing.

Same goes for shorter workouts.

How short is enough?

Once again, less than you think.

That’s why I put up the 10 minute workouts for the DPMers to help them through lockdown.

Cause if a normal workout isn’t doable on a certain day, then you have the 10 minute option that I put up recently.

There’s currently 7 workouts in there.

For DPMers it’s complimentary (by the way if you missed this notice and want in on the whatsapp group let me know and I’ll add you).

For anyone else, you can have access for a once off $49 investment. 

You can hook this up via this PayPal link and I’ll add you to the group when I see your payment come through.

I’m going to keep adding a new follow along workout each week until lockdown ends.

The good thing with that is there’s plenty of workouts in there to do.
The bad thing is it shows how long we’ve been locked away for…

All you have to do is press play on the video and follow along to the timer workout that I do in real time.
But back to the point of the short workout thinking. 

This study proved even a short 20 second burst of stair climbing or cycling was effective for women who weren’t in a regular training routine.

So for us who are active, make that a little longer. Let’s say 40 seconds to a minute burst of action to see some more benefit.

Not much.

And once again shows that no matter what you do, it all adds up.

The tip to start this week is look for some ways to include some ‘activity snacks’ in your day this week.

And of course, let me know if I can help.


Ps – here’s that video for a laugh.

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