If you saw my message on Wednesday about how quickly you can lose your fitness if you take a break, this one today follows on from it.

But it’s all positive news today.

Today I’m picking from the same article to highlight the improvements after certain amounts of time that you should start to notice when exercising.

After 1 week: 

– You’re already starting to notice the mental health benefits from exercising

After 1 month:
– improvements are starting to become noticeable when it comes to strength and fitness already

– recovery after a workout doesn’t take as long
– feeling even better mentally
After 1 year:

– strength and fitness improvements are obviously larger and more noticeable

– you’ll likely see physical changes – even if that wasn’t your main motivator for starting

– seemingly little things like playing with your kids becomes easier

– and of course mental health wise as the article quotes:

“Research has consistently found that people who work out regularly experience fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. Training can be as effective as antidepressant medication too”.

Now don’t take that as a green light to stop any meds you may be on, of course talk to your doctor about all that, but it may be an option, or to reduce, depending on your situation.

That’s all pretty cool isn’t it?

And times that by year after year after year of a regular routine.

Makes all that hard work at the start worth it doesn’t it?

Enjoy your weekend.


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