So there’s some show on tv that I heard about – The 7 Year Switch.

Apparently its where you swap partners with another couple.

I haven’t watched it – honestly – but it must be a bit of car crash tv.

But it sounds like one of those parties from the 70s where you drop the keys in the bowl or something like that.

Anyways, it got me thinking that the reason for this show must be cause people are bored in their relationship and want to see whats on the other side.

And it reminded me of what can sometimes happen when you do the same thing over and over again and start getting bored.

You see, I’ve been running things here at DPM for coming up on 11 years now.

And while there’s definitely worse things I could’ve chosen to do with my life over that time,

I guess when it came to my training,

I had started to get bored with the same stuff that I spend my hours doing during the day.

Cause yes, I do the same things that I do with you – cause they work!

Just think about your job for a minute.

Would you be happy to come home and do that – for free – in your down time?

Probably not.

But I still did it, cause like I always say,

I train cause I don’t want to end up fat – or dead – like my Dad.

So I do it anyways – regardless if I love doing my own workouts or would rather be doing something else.

Last week though we bit the bullet and got something to help mix it up.

And to try something different with my training.

Call it my 11 year switch if you will.

Just without the partner swapping.

But I like it.

We ended up getting one of those free standing punching bags.

And after the 2 workouts that I’ve had on it – I really enjoyed them.

Something I haven’t been able to say for my training for a while.

Now, you may think I shouldn’t be telling you all this stuff about me not loving training at all.

The thing is I’m just like you.

I don’t bounce out of bed anymore eager to do my exercise like I used to years ago.

I do it cause I have to, like I said earlier.

And if I can find something to help make that easier than you can too.

– Maybe you need to shift things up and join a small group thing like we have going on at DPM?

– Maybe you want to be surrounded with someone who doesn’t want to be flogged by the ‘workout of the day’ or whatever the Crossfitters do?

– Or maybe you just need to get rid of some of that stress that is built up after doing stupid hours – and start doing something for you again?

Just click the link below to answer a few questions

and I’ll be in touch if you fit the bill of who we’re looking for.




PS – please don’t waste my time and yours by filling in the questions if you’re not serious about committing and if you’re also going to be a punish to work with you’d be better off elsewhere



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