Came across an interesting read this morning.

The Sun Kissed Diet.

Just proves that we’ve been looking for special diet plans and secrets

pretty much since Jesus used to play fullback for Molong.

See the extract for what it’s about:

In 1914, The West Australian published a brief report on the benefits
of the “sun-kissed diet”, an eating regimen that relied on foods
— mostly fruits and vegetables — grown above the ground.

According to an unidentified expert,
“the more these [foods] are dependent upon the rays of the sun for perfection,
the better the effect they have upon the individual who consumes them.”

Sure they do.

But it’s interesting don’t you think that even 102 years ago people were looking for the latest and greatest thing that’ll help em drop those 5kg that crept on.

Bet it was at this time of year after Easter and all the extra chocolate hits too.

Don’t you think?

The one thing I do know though, 

is that it isn’t that far removed from our 3 Day Detox Diet that all DPMers get

(even in hard copy form these days)

we focus on eating real foods – most of which were grown above ground.

Even if the reasons for eating these types of things isn’t cause it was kissed by the sun.

You’re allowed to eat stuff grown in the ground too…

Sure, my game plan may not be 100 years old but who’s to say it won’t be around in another 100 years!

If you want the latest edition in an easy to refer to hard copy format just let me know.

DPMers get it on the house.

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