No, I’m not going to give you American Pie lines, although coincidentally, I did see that last week was the 20th anniversary of that classic movie. 

I bet that makes you feel old – 1999 doesn’t exactly feel like that long ago right?

Anyways what I’m talking about today is something that may have crossed your mine after reading one of these emails. 

Especially if you’ve been around for a while. 

Chances are you may have noticed similar story lines or themes. 

Fair point?

Here’s the reason why though. Well, there’s a couple. 

The first one is in some way shape or form I’ve been putting out these for over 12 years – remember the old blogspot blogs? Well you can still find my old ones on there if you google them so I guess over time the message is going to be kinda repeated. 

Either directly or in different words. 

But the main reason is because I figure that the one time something really resonates with you is going to be different to the one time it resonates with someone else. 

Feedback I get suggests this exact thing.

And that one time it does sink home might just encourage you to do something. 

Whether that is getting up early for a workout you might have otherwise missed or in fact start, or start back again, with something that you hadn’t previously been doing. 

Make sense?

Hopefully it does.
And to reward you for still sticking around, stay tuned for tomorrow cause there’s something I want to share with you that’ll help make your winter training sessions that little bit easier.



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