No, I’m not talking about that fishnet outfit that was her calling card back in the day,

more so I’m talking about her song that went with that dress (if you could call it that) – If I Could Turn Back Time.

Ring a bell?

And it brings me to this question for you:

What would you do if you could turn back time?

If you could find a way (sorry I’ll stop quoting song lyrics)

But seriously what would you do if you could turn back time?

I know I’ve got a bunch of things I’d do differently again.

All of this turning back time stuff is appropriate for me at this time cause yesterday was 13 years since my Dad died.

As you may know, that morning he was fine when I briefly saw him before I went to work – then a few short hours later I’m at the hospital staring at his body.

Life comes at you fast.

Now, as they say, time can heal.

I don’t have the sadness that i used to have when this time of year came round.

It is what it is.

Sure, I miss him,

But what I miss the most is what he missed.

He never met Bron.

Or got to see me get married (or my sister) 

And his seven grandkids would’ve loved to have met him too. 

That’s what I would change if I could turn back time.

I would’ve tried to reach him more about doing something about his health before it was too late.

And of course I would’ve loved to have spent some more one on one time with him just hanging out.

But you take things for granted when you’re younger right?

On a lighter note, I also would’ve given playing rugby a miss knowing what it did to my body

– yep my mum was right when she didn’t want me to start playing when I was 12.

It is what it is though.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing this for a pity party.

Cause I’m okay with what panned out.

It’s just the way that the cards were dealt and I’m well aware that plenty of people have dealt with cards way worse than that.

I just thought it was a good time to reflect back on what you would change if you could.

No matter how fruitless it is.

The other thing is, it gives a handy reminder for what we can actually change now.

Before it’s too late.

If there’s something that you need to change,

as in getting started in a new routine, or back into the game again, I’d love to be able to give you that outlet.

Let me know if you’d be interested and we can see what we can get working for you and your situation.


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