Had to laugh when I got this comment from a former reader:

“it became frustrating and annoying …. most definitely far from inspiring”.

I guess I struck a nerve…

Which can actually be a good thing sometimes.

Cause something that I write can actually trigger someone into making the decision that it’s now or possibly never.

Because there’s never a perfect time.

There’s always work, kids, a list as long as your arm of things to do.

I get it.

You see, like I always say, you can’t win them all.

And I’d rather offend or annoy someone who would’ve been a terrible fit for us anyways,

cause I know that same email with strike a cord with the one person like you who gets what we’re about at DPM.

If you want to hear some happy clapper preach nothing but sunshine, rainbows and unicorns then you’ll be disappointed.

I know your life isn’t like that.

Just as mine isn’t.

But there’s enough people out there who’ll try and con you into believing that it all is.

But us?

We’ve got enough issues going on without me trying to make you feel even worse about something that you should be doing.

Just because I decided to gloss over the bad stuff and focus on the good things.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna be a Debbie downer all the time.

And the overall message is still a positive one as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Just like yesterdays one.

At the end of the day, I’m just being real.

Not pretending to be someone I’m not.

Sometimes I don’t get as much sleep as I’d like.

Sometimes I can’t be bothered.

Somedays I just wanna hit the snooze and stay in bed.

But reality means I can’t do that.

And I’m willing to lay good money that the same goes for you too.


Sure exercise and eating the right stuff can be pretty damn cool.

Well, to be honest, what you get out of that exercise and eating the right stuff is pretty damn cool.

The thing itself isn’t always something that you want to do.

Or that I want to do to be honest.

But I know I’d rather do that part of the bargain,

especially if it means I get to have a few drinks and enjoy some food on the weekend without feeling guilty.

And without stacking on the extra kgs and getting fat.

Cause I ain’t going out like that.

That’s my motivation for working out.

So I don’t end up dead in another 13 years.

Cause the closer I get to the age my Dad died at the more it hits home.

Especially with a young family.

So it’s a good thing when people like Vicky don’t agree with us.

They’ll find someone else to follow.

Someone who preach rainbows and unicorns.

While ignoring the big giant elephant in the room.

And you and I can do what we do.

Doing things the DPM way.

So in saying that, let me help you out with a way to get started.

The DPM way will show you how you can actually make some positive changes into your routine, 

despite everything that you have going on.

And you don’t have to commit your first born or hours and hours of time that you don’t have each week just to see any decent results.

Click the link below, answer these couple of questions and let’s get the ball rolling.


After that, if you’re a good fit, 

I’d love to invite you along to have 2 weeks on the house to test drive it all out.

Let’s get it happening…


PS- and of course if you agree with Vicky, that’s cool, you’ll find the unsubscribe button at the button of the email

Otherwise click this link and lets lock in something today.



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