Take your mind back to when you were a kid for a minute.

I bet there were plenty of things you refused to eat at the table.

Beans were my thing.

But you were always threatened with the same line from your oldies:

“You’re not leaving this table until you eat everything on your plate!” 

or the clincher “You’re not getting any desert until your plate is clean!”

That got me every time.

And now to prove that parenthood is a payback for every/thing you did as a kid I’m having the same battles now with Emily.

The other night she even refused to eat what was served.

Just picked some carrots and cucumber out of the salad bowl as we were finishing up.

Times have definitely changed cause now you’re supposed to let them do that.

Anyways, I came across this report that says it might not actually be your fault

– or your kids fault – if they don’t like particular foods.

Apparently there’s a gene that determines what bitter foods we like.

And supposedly 25% of the population have it – making bitter foods taste really really bad.

Or so says some smart guy in a lab coat.

Might explain why even the smell of vegemite makes me dry retch.

That stuff could kill a dog.

True story.

But Emily loves it.

Definitely an interesting point wouldn’t you say?

Maybe they aren’t being stubborn so and so’s after all?

Anyways, the point of all of this is to remind you of the DPM Quick Healthy Recipe Book that all clients get (both soft copy via pdf and hard copy so you can have it in your hot little hands)

There’s plenty of recipes in there (41) to be exact,

that’ll suit pretty much most tastes.

Whether you have this so called bitter gene or not.

There’s breakfast options, snack options, lunch and dinners.

All designed to help you actually enjoy great tasting food while you’re dropping the kgs.

And stuff that not only tastes pretty damn good, but even a kitchen novice like me can make.

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And if you want one, you’ve just gotta come and join Team DPM.


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