Just wanted to send a belated thank you to the DPMers who came along on Sunday to our Christmas party.

The weather was turned on for us,

especially after Saturdays bucketing down,

and the water slide proved an unexpected bonus for the kids

(although I’m more than happy to take credit for it!)

If you missed it, we had a great day at Petersham Bowls,

something different to our previous nights at a bar.

But to be honest, I preferred this a lot more.

Not only did we not have to get out and go out on a Friday night after a long week,

we made it family friendly and it was great to meet your kids and partners who I hadn’t met yet.

I’ll definitely back it up next year again I think.

Even if we didn’t get much lawn bowls action, 

the social side of things meant there was little time for that.

So that’s not exactly a bad thing.

But it got me thinking.

We’ve got a really great bunch of people at DPM,

and maybe we should do something like this more often.

Stuff like lawn bowls where the family can be involved.

And it gives the kids a day out.

What do you think?

Maybe mid next year throw in another day?

So thanks for coming if you were able to make it.

I realise it’s a busy time of year and we’re never going to get everyone in the same place,

so maybe a mid year booking,

(even though it’ll be winter)

and with plenty of notice,

that could be a winner.

What do you think?

Anyways, let me know if you think something like this could be a goer next year.

Before I wrap up, just to confirm our dates for Christmas break.

We’re wrapping up on Friday December 22, off for 2 weeks and back on Saturday January 6.

Now, there’s also going to be a short break in early Feb (give or take) depending on when our baby comes but that’ll come more clearer as we get closer to the date.

She’s due Feb 4 but as you know anything can happen.

But definitely lock those Christmas dates in your diary and get down for as much action as you can before we wrap up in 2.5 weeks.



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