Remember that song Little Lies that was pretty big in the mid to late 80’s by Fleetwood Mac?

“Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies”

Yeah you know it right?

Well I heard it on the radio last week and it got me thinking.

Especially today, cause I find it appropriate that with all this stuff I’ve been mentioning the last week about the new DPM Re-Set program that launches next Monday.

Cause I had a thought that because I haven’t seen your name sign up and join us,

I thought you might be thinking I’m telling you some ‘little lies’ about what I’ve been encouraging you to join me in.

Fair call?

Maybe you’re put off by the investment?

Maybe you just don’t think it can work for you?

I’m not a mind reader so help me out.

What’s holding you back?

What’s stopping you from pulling the trigger, and clicking the link below

Click Here To Secure Your Place In The DPM 28 Day Re-Set

And joining us for the most productive 28 days you’ll have this year?

If it’s a price thing let me mention two things.

One: if I gave you free access, you wouldn’t do anything with it.

How do I know that?

Cause we don’t value something that we attach no value to.

There’s no incentive.

Cause when it gets tough, your subconscious let’s you off,

“well I didn’t pay anything for it anyways, so no real loss”.

Trust me, that’s why I still pay for my coaching group each month.

Yes, your coach (me) invests money each month to keep me accountable.

So I do something.

Otherwise I might as well go and spend that money at Dan Murphy’s right?

Here’s the real secret:

It’s rarely the price of something that puts people off starting something.

It’s the stories we tell ourselves about why it WON’T or why it CAN’T work for us.

It’s true isn’t it?

There goes those same ole little lies again.

That putting ourselves down head talk that does us all in.

Time and time again.

But, I get it.

We’ve all been burned before.

I have and I know you probably have too.

So that’s why the DPM 28 Day Re-Set comes complete with the same old ” DPM Better Than Money Back Guarantee” that I always use.

Just to remind you, it is in the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied with the results that you’re starting to notice after this 28 days,

if you don’t notice you’re pants sliding on easier, your tummy shrinking and feeling more energised than anytime in the last few months,

then I”ll refund every cent you paid and continue to coach you until you’re satisfied.

All you have to do is follow the program!

So what’s holding you back now you’ve got that little extra bit of reassurance?

Click the link below and invest your $99 now.

Click Here To Secure Your Place In The DPM 28 Day Re-Set

You won’t regret it – guaranteed.


PS – any questions about what you’ve gotta do on it? hit reply and let me know


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