What I’ve got to share with you today will either be reassuring, or it may well even trigger you.

Your reaction will depend on a couple of things I guess.

It all comes around a line I saw last week:

“We’re all replaceable, and there’s a certain amount of humility required for anyone to be successful. I’ve always preached to my team that the team wins together.” 

These were words from Lloyd Carney in an interview he did on LinkedIn last week.

So back to the reaction thing.

What did it do for you?

If you’re nodding your head chances are you may well have worked your butt off at one stage, often without thanks or recognition then only to be shown the door without seemingly another thought.

It may also be cause you know that you’ve needed a bunch of people to come together to get an objective achieved.

Anyways, the hundreds (or possibly even more) conversations I’ve had with people over the years sums up these words to a tee.

We’re all just a number in a business.

Ive been there before.

Yes, not every place is like that.

I’ve worked at a place that definitely made me feel more valued than that at one stage.

But on a good side, you do need a team to help you get things done faster – and being humble enough to realise that.

The same can be applied to your health and fitness regime I think.

On the replaceable part, I know that at any time people can choose to get their fitness advice elsewhere.

I’m not naive enough to think that i’m the only option people choose.

I’ve found that out in the past when people leave seemingly unexpectedly.

On self reflection, it can often come back to me and something I need to improve on.

But the team work part, you definitely need a good team around you to help you achieve anything.

Your partner needs to be happy with you getting up early and getting out, especially if the kids are young, they need to be happy with the financial investment too of course. Be that for me or a gym or yoga or whatever.

And there also needs to be some humility to accept that you don’t know it all and that someone else might know more about the best way to achieve something.

This can be a hard thing for some people to understand.

Especially blokes – a lot of them don’t like being told what to do cause their ego is insecure.

So they might go and try and do things by themselves.

You might know someone like this.

I also look at the team winning together side of things as something as simple as when someone that works with me gets some cool results or changes – whatever that may be – not only does the person win cause they’re feeling better or less stressed or whatever.

Yes I win cause it makes me feel good to know you’ve been able to help someone achieve something they really wanted.

But their partner wins, cause they’re easier to be around at home.

Their kids win cause they’re not as distracted or tired or whatever to spend time with them.

And their work wins cause they’re going to be in a better frame of mind when they start their working day cause they’ve got in an early morning workout.

There’s always a way that you can take something meant for the business world and apply to your fitness world if you open your mind to looking at something another way.

Hopefully you’ve been able to take something out of this message today – it may even help you look at something a little different and if that’s around your fitness then I got my message across.


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