Just to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks

(that old dog being me of course)

I decided to implement some feedback that I received last year to our Lilyfield group last week.

And I gotta say, that combined with an initiative of my own has gone down really well.

There had been a whisper that some music would be a good fit to our early morning workouts.

And seeing as we don’t have to worry about any neighbours I thought why not give it a shot.

I already had one of those portable speaker things that sync with your phone,

so I decided to whip up a few playlists and give it a shot.

And I gotta say I really liked it.

So if you want to see some tunes as part of your workout let me know and I’ll be happy to implement them.

The only rule I have is that we don’t have any of that bloody doof doof house music or whatever the kids these days call it.

Actually, the other thing I have is I don’t want it to be blared at full volume to piss everyone else off.

It’s loud enough that you can get a great workout on with it, but also so you can hear people talk.

The playlists that we’ve used have been a bit of 80-90’s rock, some rap and even some modern stuff that goes alright for a workout.

So no Celine Dion unfortunately.

But an all round good mix none-the-less.

That other thing I implemented that went down well was a challenge workout.

Last Wednesday we did one that got some great feedback.

It’s not about flogging you until you vomit of course.

A challenge for you might just be getting out of bed and actually doing something.

That’s where your workout pace would be set,

compared to someone who’s been around for a few years and wanted a bit of an extra push.

The beauty of the group was no one was judged off what they did or didn’t do.

But the feedback once again was great and we’ll do some of them every few weeks at Lilyfield.

So again, I’ll throw it out there,

If you do want to see some more challenges as part of your group planning, hit reply and let me know.

There is one trick that won’t be changed however at DPM.

And that’s the incentive to get you to not only tell your friends about us,

but to actually get them along to firstly, test drive us for 2 weeks on the house,

then to take the next step into actually joining us on a regular basis.

And that incentive (apart from your free month rebate thank you present when they initially join)

is of course a $200 dinner gift voucher to any restaurant of your choice once they’ve been part of DPM for only 6 short months.

You get one and so do they.

And I get to help another busy mum shift some stubborn kilos.

Everyone wins.

More info is here including available time slots



PS – of course if you know a bloke who’d be a good fit, invite them along too, it’s just that the majority of DPMers and readers here are just like you – a busy mum, so that’s who I target my writing towards

And the other thing I find is that a lot of blokes don’t like being told what to do. So if they’re a know-it-all type of guy, they’d be a terrible fit.



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