Thought I’d go back into the old DPM vault for a bit of #TBT – or Throwback Thursday – action.
This home workout featuring nothing but bodyweight exercises is from 2009, so as you can see with this and some of my videos on youtube that are older than that, I was making videos online before it was cool.

And like I’ve mentioned before, for some stupid reason I stopped for years.

Meaning any bit of traction my old videos used to get was lost.

Oh well, you live and learn.

Anyways, this one will still hold the test of time.

Just ignore the website that’s plastered at the bottom of the video. I don’t own that url anymore so who knows what it leads to. I wouldn’t check it out either way.

The challenge here is 10 exercises – and 50 reps of each exercise.

There is one asterisk I would make here though, in the video I refer to Russian Twists – you can still do them if you wish, although I don’t focus on them too much now. 

Reason being is info I’ve come across in the last couple of years seems to indicate that people smarter than me have found that any twisting exercise done sitting done can place more stress on your lower back so it might be best to swap that one out with something else.

Plenty of people still do them, but that explains why we don’t do them anymore.

I’d replace those with V Sit Reaches or Alternating Toe Touches for 50 each side.

So here’s your 10 exercises:

1) T Push Ups x 50

2) Squat Jumps x 50

3) Hand Walks x 50

4) Stick Ups x 50

5) Split Squats Left Leg x 50

6) Split Squats Right Leg x 50

7) * V Sit Reaches x 50/50 

8) Diamond Push Ups x 50

9) Glute Bridge March (25 each leg – 50 total) 

10) Sprinters Shuffles (25 each leg – 50 total) 

Although for the last two, I’d say pump out 50 reps of each side if you can.
If you do give it a go, let me know what you think of this little blast from the past.



PS – and if you want to see more of these old videos, back when I still didn’t have any hair, just let me know.

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