Suddenly a fountain of sparkles shimmered in your doorway and your fairy Godmother has magically appeared.

(I may have borrowed those first few words from a story you might remember…)

I’ve read more fairytale and kids books in the last almost 3 years than I ever have before so I’m down with everything that’s happening in Cinderella land.

And, just like Cinderella, you’re in luck.

Imagine that your fairy Godmother has just appeared and said ‘you shall go to the ball’ or whatever it is that
you’ve always wanted

BUT been told you can’t have.

If she was to wave a magic wand what would you change about your body and how you feel now?

Close your eyes for a minute.

Maybe you’re not happy with yourself for letting things get to where they are at now?

Maybe you’re tired with no energy?

Maybe it’s those damned saggy arms when you wear that nice top now the weather is warmer?

or the muffin top that hangs over your pants when you zip them up?

Maybe you’re just dying to wear that favourite item of clothing that you can’t bear to throw out?

What is it?

The whole point of your fairy Godmother setting you free is for you to actually come out and say what it is that you’ve dreamed of changing.

That’s step 1.

Step 2 takes you onto the plan you need to implement to get that happening.

Step 3 is to email me and tell me what it is.

Then, over the next few weeks we can work on how to get you ready for that magic ball

– or whatever it is your fairy Godmother is getting you ready for.

I’ll even have you consider that it’s not as hard as you’re telling yourself it is.

But only if we break it down step by step into small and achieveable steps.

And if you’re not currently part of Team DPM maybe it’s time to change that before I shut the doors on new clients for 2016.

Just make sure you’re home before the clock strikes 12 otherwise the spell will break…


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