Came across an interesting read that revealed what the big shot celebrities use as their go-to for getting rid of, or minimising the damage, of cellulite.

Got your interest?

See, despite their glamorous appearance on screen and in magazines there seems to be a common link.

They all have it.

Yep. Good old airbrushing hey.

But here’s what they reveal and to be honest I agree with them.

Who woulda thought?

And you might even find some inside mail to help with your battle if this is something you struggle with.

* Kate Winslet: removed wheat and alcohol whenever she has to get her kit off for a movie

* Gwenyth Paltrow: eating as organic as possible and cutting out junk

* Demi Moore: Eating 75% raw food, 25% cooked

All valid tips.

The key is that it happens.

And to ‘skinny’ girls too.

Especially if they eat a whole lot of processed food and soft drinks and of course alcohol.

So basically cutting down on the crap as the Hollywood trio outlined above and focusing on the main things that are a part of the DPM game plan.

Note, I mentioned cutting down NOT cutting out.

Big difference.

You see, you I don’t expect you to not enjoy yourself and have to give up the good things in life just to lose a few kgs.

Cause I sure as hell aren’t!

However, there’s one thing these girls missed out on that I think is a big winner.

Get a foam roller

These things are worth their weight in gold.

They are awesome for stretching tight muscles, great for using as a workout tool to increase the intensity of an exercise but they can also be used to help with your cellulite.

There’s some research that backs up regular massage, or foam rolling in place of a massage can help keep it at bay and minimise the damage.

Give these little ‘Hollywood Secrets’ a go (and my little bonus one) and see how they work for you.

Now if you want some help with getting things on track,

but can’t exactly make our sessions in person, t

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I’ll give you the customised game plan to help you get rid of those stubborn kgs and the video demos to help you.

of course I’ll also send out the hard copy versions of the DPM Detox and Cookbook too.

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